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A 100% algae-derived biodiesel, our fuel can be used with factory-standard diesel engines without modification. The fuel is fully compliant with the ASTM D 6751 specifications for Fatty Acid Methyl-Esther based (FAME) fuel that meets ASTM D 975, and significantly outperforms ultra-low sulfur diesel in total THC, carbon monoxide and particulate matter tailpipe emissions. Biodiesel also demonstrates better cold temperature properties than any commercially available biodiesel.


A 100% algae-derived renewable diesel fuel is a drop-in alternative to standard diesel fuels that meets ASTM D 975. Chemically indistinguishable from petroleum-based diesel, the fuel’s tailpipe emissions also release fewer particulates and meet the new American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for ultra-low sulfur diesel.


A renewable aviation fuel refined from algal oil, our aviation biofuels are the world’s first microbially-derived jet fuel to meet key industry specifications for commercial aviation, ASTM D 1655. Our aviation biofuels are compatible with existing infrastructure while offering key benefits, including a faster, farther and greater payload; reduced wing heat stress; lower flammability; lower smoke emissions; longer storage life; and ultimately, lower maintenance cost.


UnderSea Energy has partnered with the US Navy and the Department of Defense to develop, test and certify advanced drop-in renewable fuels that meet their strictest standards. Specifically, we have developed jet fuel, marine diesel and on-road diesel that have been rigorously tested by the U.S. Navy and shown to meet its HRD-76 and HRJ-5 military specifications. We are proud that our biofuels were used as the reference fuels during the Navy’s successful multi-year certification process for renewable marine diesel fuel.